Shannon is a modern day follower of Jesus
dedicated to promoting Biblical literacy through illustrative teaching.

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SHANNON MULLINS – President & Founder, Living Power Online Bible Study

Shannon Mullins is a Christian speaker and Bible teacher with a passion to help others understand the Truth in God’s Word and the power it has to bring victory to their lives. A former executive having served in senior leadership positions, she relates to the challenges of acquiring, sustaining and leaving a twenty-year career in corporate America for the privilege of pursuing a life in ministry.


In 2012, she launched an online Bible study, offering daily video commentary covering every chapter in the Bible. Her study receives praise by both men and women alike for its ease of understanding and comprehensiveness in approach. She considers it a joy to visit each one of her Bible study members through video each day and a blessing to hear from the listeners when they write.


Shannon has served in leadership roles at her church and has led Women’s Ministry serving a membership of 2,000. She is the author of an eBook Living a Life of Simplicity, which she wrote to encourage others to pursue the best life possible, which she offers free to subscribers.


Shannon holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications and dual Master’s degrees, one in Biblical Studies and one in Business Administration. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and son.




  • There is one and only one true God, who exists as three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • God the Father is completely good, perfect, and holy, and gives mankind free will to chose or oppose Him.
  • Jesus is the Son of God, born of a virgin, fully human and fully God, who willingly died on the cross accomplishing salvation for all who trust in Him.
  • The Holy Spirit lives in every believer empowering them with understanding and spiritual gifts.
  • The Bible is the complete and perfect Word of God and teaches truth to help us do what is right.
  • The devil is a created angelic being, who opposes God, deceives mankind, and is destined for hell, a place of eternal punishment.
  • People are created by God in His likeness, born estranged from God by sin, and are to be treasured and loved, just as we love ourselves.